25% off sale

have you checked out the indie designer sale at ravelry yet?

its at this forum and there are some really great designs all marked down 25%



I figure every day I am going to highlight a designer that I love and today’s designer is one that I might not have found if it weren’t for this forum. but now I have fallen head over heels for these designs – Jennifer Thompson who is fern1knits on ravelry. there are so many designs here that I really want to wear. and not only that I wish Jennifer was my neighbor so I could get sewing and knitting tips.  check out her blog – you just have to love a woman that dresses like a chicken for halloween.



my problem as I look through Jennifer’s patterns is that I want to knit the all of them. and what’s more I don’t want to give them away I want them for myself.

I am way too selfish to part with any of these after I knit them.

isn’t the Tumbleweed vest beautiful.

I think I may even have yarn for this in my stash.


1_medium2this design called wildflower would be great in some of the yarn I dye naturally.


the one I have purchased and is going on my needles very soon is Little Fish, Big Fish. I absolutely must have this for ice fishing this winter.  and as a knitting project it has everything I love. it is double knitted which is a fun technique that creates a a double thick fabric and when you live in the upper midwest those layers are pretty important. and those fish – – – well if you have read my blog for a while you may know that my husband and I like to fish. after all my husband’s nickname is the fish tickler{shame on all you that had their minds in the gutter when I referred to him as Mr. Tickler : ) }

now I love the colors for this cowl too but I think I may go with red & blue. you know for the Dr Seuss book – Red Fish, Blue Fish.

I love to knit with unusual techniques and double knitting is such a fun technique to use. basically it is knitting in such a way that a double thick fabric is made with stockinette on both sides.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It looks hard but really is very easy. if you can knit and purl you can double knit. above is an example of double knitting legs on a toy  – I knit one stitch then with the yarn in front slip the next st. see kind of like k1, p1. when you reach the end of the row just turn it over and start all over again.

of course the cowl will be knit in the round so the technique will be a little different but when it is done I will have a double thick warm and wooly cowl to to wear. so if you don’t already know how to double knit why not get a pattern and learn – it is such a fun and handy  technique to know.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAps. I like to use this technique for the arms and legs of my mini animals.

Mr Monk uses this technique for me it is far less fiddle-y to double knit the arms than to knit the tiny arms in the round.

also fun are the snaps on the hands and feet of mini monk.

if you make more than one you can hang long garlands of  monkeys from the chandelier.

or put a couple on the tree as X-mas ornaments

so go and check out a few patterns on ravelry and get a few ideas for gifts – remember the sale only last till Nov. 15



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2 Responses to 25% off sale

  1. Lovely designs by Jennifer Thompson! I still need to try double knitting, and find it interesting that you use that technique on the lovely Mr Monk’s arms!

    • Mary Jo says:

      oh Linda don’t hesitate double knitting is so much fun and rather addictive. I bought the yarn for my cowl yesterday and immediately cast on. yes I know I still have a pair of socks on my needles. and daddy needs a new hat but all that gets tossed aside when I can play with a different fun technique ; )

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