I dumped out my knitting basket this morning and these are the projects that tumbled out.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAone Inside out sock finished right to the toe. this is on hold because I promised to show someone exactly how I do my toes. it isn”t real fancy but it involves a bunch of fun to knit short rows that eliminate more than half the kitchener stitch at the end of a sock. although I have gotten much better at weaving the stitches at the end of a cuff down sock – I prefer to get rid of as many stitches as I can before starting the weaving. this also makes a comfortable toe and is super even and nice looking.¬†OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsince I couldn’t go any further on the sock I decided to cast on Little Fish, Big Fish. I love interesting techniques when I knit something so this pattern immediately had to go in my library. I am having so much fun with the pattern and these bright colors that last night I quickly knit all the way through one wave chart and started the second. I wish you could feel how thick and squooshy soft this cowl is. I am going to love wearing this out on the lake this winter.

thats right out on the lake. my favorite activity in the winter is long walks on Okauchee lake on the ice. I also love to ice fish. crazy right…drilling holes in the ice and standing out there for hours waiting for a nibble. well this year even if I don’t caught any fish I will be wearing some.

the last knit is a mini raccoon that I expanded. I just used up some ¬†worsted cotton in crazy colors for a raccoon. yellow and blue …. kind of strange but it was the last raccoon I made and was just triple checking all the numbers. weird but he has grown on me and I really like the color combo so this Bandit lives in my knitting basket by my easy chair.

now I am going to go work in the kitchen this morning I decided it was time to start making my X-mas candy. maybe this year I will manage to send it out early.tami_wip

so this is how my Wednesday is shaping up — what are you up to?

check out Tami’s Amis and see what everyone else is up to.

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3 Responses to wip

  1. Jazz says:

    So many projects! Love the color you chose for the racoon.

    • Mary Jo says:

      so many or too many going at once ; )
      I am really loving the doubleknit cowl and the sock so I am not sorry that I have those two going at the same time..
      I love my rascally bandit raccoon too – even though it isn’t an appropriate raccoony color — this yellow guy has really become my best buddy.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Nice WIPs and I love the little raccoon ! So cute.

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