my kitty kat pal

I just joined a knitting group. it is hard to believe but I have never belong to a knitting group before. and since I am retired I really don’t get out and talk to people much. most of my knit talk happens on the internet.

this group is fun and so welcoming. and they have adopted a kindergarden class to knit hats and mitts for. so Thursday I cast on a hat. I knit hats all the time for charity so this part was easy. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I used my quick and easy kitty kat hat. it’s so easy I can whip one up in the evening while I watch tv.

my problem was mitts. another lady had knit fingerless gloves so I figured that would be popular because we all know that even 5 year olds have a definite ideas of what they will or will not wear. but my real problem is that I don’t have any 5 year olds around. the beautiful mitts that the other ladies were working on were so small and cute. well to get the sizing right I went to the giftalong group and started to look through the patterns. after all why not kill 2 birds with one stone — get a pattern for 25% off and then knit it and enter it into the drawing for prizes.

suddenly I had another problem there are so many cool patterns there I was finding way to much to put into my queue.  but I worked at it and narrowed down my options and then looked those options over for the pattern that would keep me entertained. I like stranded patterns or texture or any new technique.hutt_valley_007_medium2 then  I saw on Hutt Valley it fit all my criteria. it is stripy but not plain stripes it has an interesting cable thrown into the stripes. it comes in a multitude of sizes including a 5 year old size and it would work with the hat that I already knit.and Sarah Ronchetti  has also designed a matching hat that you can by as a set and still get 25% off until Nov. 15.

hutt_valley_012_medium2look at the top of the hat there is a super cool star detail in the decreases.

now a normal person would have planned ahead and done a matching set from the get go I really lucked out that my set matches as well as it does.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAone mitt done and one to go.AJoogYLwu7oQ3uFQFIHMWkhMQQElcAjY0ZcM0JWX0ps

so what about you have you joined the group yet or looked through the hundreds of patterns that are on sale until Nov. 15??


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4 Responses to my kitty kat pal

  1. Peg says:

    These look great as a set!

  2. sezza says:

    I think these make such a cute set! Thanks so much for sharing the links to my patterns, I have shared your blog on my FB page 😀

    • Mary Jo says:

      Thanks so much. I really love your pattern for the gloves and hat. I took the set to knitting group yesterday and everyone loved them. It is a simple knit but so fancy looking. I think what everyone liked best was how the pattern created a lovely star on the top.

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