WOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAorking on this hat for charity  and want to make a matching set of mitts.

I love this Hutt Valley pattern with the slip stitch cable. and the bright colors are so fun.

you may think I have stopped spinning because there hasn’t been any pictures but I am still working on that too. this is a gradient braid of merino & silk from Fiber Optic Yarns.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I met Kimber at the Wisconsin Wool & Sheep Festival in September and fell in love with her wonderful braids and yarns. This is the Chocolate-Aqua GradientOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA.

I am working on my second bobbin of fiber. the first bobbin starts out with a dark chocolate color moving to milk chocolate to a green so dark it is almost black and then starts to lighten. there is 300 yards after Navajo plying it.  the spinning is kind of slow because of my lack of experience. but it soft and very pretty. merino seems to be the toughest for me to spin but is also the most popular fiber when I am shopping so I really should figure out how to work with this. any suggestions???


also new is a carder I won in an auction. it came with 2 sets of hand carders. it was missing a belt but that is ordered. I even found an old sewing table at St. Vinnie’s that is just the right size for it.

so this is how my week is shaping up. what are you up to?

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6 Responses to wip

  1. Erin says:

    I completely lost my head in Kimber’s booth at Rhinebeck and came away with a sweaters’ worth of yarn and still kick myself for not buying a gradient kit. It’s amazing stuff!

    • Mary Jo says:

      Oh it is so easy to lose one’s head when confronted by allFiber Optics wonderful colors. I am so jealous that you managed a whole sweaters worth of yarn. Would love to see what you make !

  2. BeccaBadger says:

    I absolutely love the colours in that fibre! The hat is also lovely and bright, just what is needed on the dark winter days.

    • Mary Jo says:

      Fiber optics have the most marvelous colors and fun gradients to work with Kimberly has a fantastic eye for dyeing.
      The hat was well received at knitting group yesterday. The other knitters loved the colors and the fancy but easy slip st pattern. It warms all our hearts thinking about these little kindergarten children wearing our ‘special’ hats this winter.

  3. Pia says:

    And here I was thinking you hadn’t been posting for ages, when in reality, your posts just aren’t showing up in my feed. Very odd. I’ll have to make a point of dropping by more often!

    Congrats on the carder.

  4. I’m not a spinning expert, but can I ask what’s your struggle with merino? Have you tried pre-drafting?

    I will say that the Fiber Optic merino/silk is not the easiest I’ve worked with, so that may be part of it. It is beautiful & lovely, but the braids I spun up had some challenges. I love them, but I can see how they’d be tough if you already struggle with merino.

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