free winter wreaths

this is my favorite season of the year. the weather is cooling off and the days shorter. we finally have the yard cleaned up and the boat put away for the winter. there has been one snow fall which has already melted.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


since most of the clean up was done at the cabin I went for a nice walk and gathered materials to fashion a winter wreath. I had some rings I made with grape and bittersweet vines and a bucket of pine cones in the shed but I wanted something to add a little color too.

I found so much to use in my yard and along side the road where Meva and I walk everyday.  I used a lot of sumac – the red velvety blossoms are beautiful and my hands smelled lemony after tying them to the wreath. there is a hint of orange from bittersweet berries. I tied in a few spikey jimson weed pods. a few years ago I got a couple of plants from a neighbor and every year a few volunteers come up in my flower garden. I love the huge white flowers and the large seed pods from this gifted plant.

url-1last I picked a juniper branch to add a little greenery. the blue berries on the branches were a definite plus.

I finished 2 wreaths and plan to take at least one of them to my son’s house for his door. {originally I was going to give him both wreaths since I already have one from last year but I am liking them so much I might keep one for myself}

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAnot bad looking and completely free the only cost was my time ; )

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  1. Ali says:

    so pretty mom, i wish we lived close enough to find one on our door!

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