Ms Possum

this is what my process looks. long squiggly playing about on needles. my knitting is scrappy with thrifted needles and yarns. the fuzzy angora was a gift from a friend who was closing out her store.


the fun stripy sock yarn is mini skeins from my November knitcrate mini subscription.   a short row here and there makes curves as I knit. when I run out of yarn I just start up with another color.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

a personality emerges  when I sew up the sides and add some icords. I shape and sculpt ears into the top corners of the head. then I spill a jar of buttons onto my work table to find the perfect eyes. and a possum is born. Although  this possum looks soft and cute and cuddly – she is a fighter gripping an old bent up needle ready to take on anything life throws at her.



I gifted Ms Possum to a new knitting friend yesterday with a jar of needles and a sewing kit.

and a few chocolate mini candy bars to boost her spirits.


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4 Responses to Ms Possum

  1. Linda M. says:

    Your little possum is incrediably creative… love him.

  2. Samm says:

    I love the little possum! Will you publish a pattern for him? I think possum is my favorite of your creatures. :)

    • Mary Jo says:

      the pattern for this guy is in the works. I really love possums ….well unless it is the one that I accidently locked in the shed and who scared the daylights out of me when I went to throw some garbage in the can.

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