Santa Claus is coming to town



for someone that doesn’t celebrate X-mas in the traditional sense it sure gets busy around my house.

several packages may have made it to the post office and are winging their way around the country as I write this.

some of these corky elves may have fell into the boxes as well.


if you look on ravelry there is a free pattern for a Korknisse and I loosely based my little Santa on that. which means that I was too lazy to look up the pattern as I sat and watched tv but remembered the general picture.

I played around with some of my spinning experiments and came up with this guy. the white yarn is corridale fiber that spun in all different ways- long draw, short forward, rolags, roving, basically just anyway I could think of. then I plied in many different ways Р2 ply, 3 ply and Navajo. I think Navajo ply is my favorite now that I have gotten the hang of it.

the red yarn is also corridale dyed with madder. the fiber felt coarse as it went through my hands and turned my fingers a brick red. the fiber was made up into a ball of roving and I thought it would be easy to work with but it needed to be predrafted because the fiber seemed a little matted or maybe it was just too sticky with dye that wasn’t completely rinsed out. well the red yarn turned out ok – once it was washed it was quite a bit softer.

the beards on my elves are some uncombed mohair locks that I held with the yarn and knit Рthe mohair is incredibly soft and curly. I would love to get more and put it through my drum carder and make faux rolags to spin. after knitting I finished the hats by felting little pompoms with the fiber cleaned off the drumcarder Рall those little short pieces of fiber that collect on the smaller intake wheel of the machine that are cleaned off and discarded by most people(this person is much too frugal to throw away anything). I inserted a little wire into each hat so it can be twisted into silly shapes and even twisted around a branch on an Xmas tree if you want.


these corky Santa elves are really a project right up my alley from spinning the fiber to polishing off several bottles of wine(oh how I suffer for my craft ; )

what silliness are you up to?


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4 Responses to Santa Claus is coming to town

  1. Linda M. says:

    Great little Santas. a cut little surprise that will put smiles on your friends faces. I did faire isle headbands for most everyone this year. So that was 10. All done from left over yarns spun by me or from other projects. it really used up a lot of the sport weight stash. I made a hat called the 1865 hat out of some homespun I had been gifted by my sister-in-law. As I worked it, it seemed scratchy and I had my doubts that my husband would wear it on his hair challenged head. The weather has been cold, below zero, so gave it to him early. Wore it to work one day and then complained the whole evening about it’s itchiness. So I wear it when I walk our Bella. (smooth coat collie) Because the design of this hat so neat, I made another in a washable wool blend from my stash. It is under the tree. Today I must write letters, and get Christmas cards mailed. Happy Holidays to you and Yours.

    • Mary Jo says:

      It sounds like you have the heads of all your loved ones covered. It must have felt good to get it done early.
      I was pretty synced to get mine in the mail last week. Now there is just one package to go and I am done.

  2. danielle says:

    Those elves are adorable. On my bookshelf year round I keep a Steiff Santa from my childhood……and a gnome/elf that someone made me a couple of years ago. I think they need some miniature friends like these guys don’t you! (Funny, I had already bookmarked the corky pattern from a link on another blog…)

    • Mary Jo says:

      I do think you need some special little elves to go with the two you already have.
      these are so easy and fun to make. I actually finished 2 more yesterday and today we are having our holiday dinner early and I just happen to have 2 bottles of wine so there might be a couple more corky elves falling off the needles soon.
      I really like the addition of the mohair fiber for beards. I think you could add some short pieces of yarn instead for the whiskers if you don’t have any mohair locks sitting around.

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