eagles on okauchee lake

every morning I wake when it is still dark and go down and get a glass of water before returning to bed and reading on my i-pad until the sun comes up. yesterday morning as I read there was a flash of movement – something big outside my window. as I tried to focus I saw 2 huge birds – one chasing the other and tumbling about. I jumped up to get a closer look and was surprised to see a mature eagle with a white head and tail chasing and following close behind an immature eagle who was just as big but without the familiar markings on his head. I called to my husband who noticed 3 more eagles on the ice further out on the lake. they were jumping around and flapping their wings.

P1010007about an hour later we went out for our morning stroll and some of the eagles were still there.

I didn’t walk too far out because I didn’t want to disturb them and the lake was open in that area 2 days ago. I am not so fool hardy to walk where I am not sure how thick the ice is. as much as I enjoy walking on the lake during the winter it is no fun to fall through and freeze. these are magnificent birds to watch and we are so lucky to see them in our area.

this year it has gotten cold so quickly or else we just have gotten used to warmer weather. last year it was the end of January before the ice was thick enough to walk on. ¬†Marty chopped through the ice in front of the house yesterday and it is 5″ thick. but it will get thicker very fast as it is only 2* this morning.¬†P1010010

tomorrow we are planning to make one last trip to the cabin. it will be fun to check out the garden and see what’s happening there. I expect to get some knitting done in the car and then there will be a good amount of time clearing snow to get into the house. and then there will be some walking or maybe snowshoeing there is always something to seeand do up there.

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  1. Linda M. says:

    How awesome for you to be able to watch the eagles. My sister-in-law lives on the islands up in Washington. Eagles nest in the trees around her house ! Lucky, lucky people you and her to be able to watch such beautiful creatures.

    • Mary Jo says:

      I am lucky. although we are close to a city there has been an increase in the number of eagles here. I see the eagles when the ice starts to freeze. they congregate in areas that they can still hunt and fish. just outside the bay we live in is the deepest part of the lake so it is one of the last areas to freeze over.

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