snowed in(and loving it)

the snow is swirling outside my window it is just so pretty outside. I love the snow. I don’t even mind the extra chore of clearing the walks and driveway.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthis is our drive after shoveling twice this morning. times like this I like that we live an such a small lot.

after walking the dog and clearing the walk I dropped in on my friend who broke 3 ribs on Wens. then I went to the grocery store and picked up all kinds of goodies. so let it snow I am prepared for anything. I am gonna hunker down and just enjoy the storm.

I have some greek yogurt draining in the kitchen for a new cheesecake recipe I want to make. it is a healthy cheesecake from America’s test kitchen…but it actually looks pretty good. I will have to think up something gluten free for the crust though. or maybe I will just skip the crust because the cake truly is my favorite part. I have a beautiful standing rib to cook tomorrow for our feast. I know I am doing it a couple days early but that means that I can be lazy on X-mas and just vegetate all day.

a few animals fell from my needles this week. toys are fast to knit only about 6 hours so it’s a quick little something that I can whip up to give away. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI found this book about a muskrat and possum friend(before you ask this pattern is being edited and should be out soon….fingers crossed). while I was finishing up another muskrat so I just had to buy it. then there was a little of this and that in my project bag. (before you ask this pattern is being edited and should be out any day….(fingers crossed)).

Have you ever seen cuter eyes than these?? It is so hard to find just the right eyes when I am knitting a toy. often I raid my button jar trying to find just the right eye for an animal. but it leaves a lot to be desired. I love my little collection of old buttons but they just seem flat some how. and I really don’t care much for safety eyes… after spending so much time knitting with natural fibers  they are just too plastic looking.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA but these eyes have so much expression and depth to them and add so much life to the face of  muskrat and possum. I am so lucky to have met Jennie the Potter and gotten these great eyes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsince I already have my presents made I am going to use these on the wrapping or in the box. It is all low pressure knitting … easy and fast.  fast as in 6 hours or less. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Howell owl just needs a snap sewn on to close his beak. then I can give him away to be used as a little sewing pouch or even a cozy for a phone. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2 santa elves that need their hats finished.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFreddy Fox needs some appendages and eyes.  doesn’t this orange just pop?? (the owl and the fox are knit with yarn from my December KnitCrate Minis)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthe raccoon won’t be a present – he is the first sample I made when I was designing the November KnitCrate pattern for minis. I use him as a sewing pouch to hold some buttons and thread and a couple of needles.

and of course there is always a sock in my project bag ready for mindless easy knitting.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwell enjoy your day I am off to watch the Packer game.


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3 Responses to snowed in(and loving it)

  1. Linda M. says:

    Your critters are all so cute, I just will have to make some of my own. can’t wait until you put up the patterns. About 8 inches of snow fell over night and snowed until noon today. I took some grand pictures. Our Bella was in heaven running around and having a playful time. I love you dog. he look like a big gentle wolf. I bet he loves the snow too. Doug got the driveway cleared by 1 pm, and his boss did not call him in to help with snow clearing. No company for us this Christmas, but I have a delicious beef tenderloin with our names on it. Happy Holidays

  2. You are so lucky to have snow for Christmas. It all rained away here in Oslo! I love your new muskrat and possum friend! I think you made an excellent choice for their eyes, they are so cute! Merry Christmas!

    • Mary Jo says:

      I really can’t get enough of Jennie’s buttons. I bought several buttons for cardigans at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival last year. And then Jennie gifted me these eyes that she made just for me. I am so lucky to have such wonderful knitting friends.
      ps I also feel very lucky to have snow. I love winter. it is snowing right now as I sit at the computer I am watching big fluffy flakes of snow covering the foot of snow we already have on the ground.

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