winter shadows

today is the first day I haven’t woken to snow falling. everyday we have had some snow sometimes it is 6″ and other days just 1″or  so light fluffy snow.

it is a warm (almost 30* (don’t you love that Alice? 30 degrees is warm)) sunny day. and all that light fluffy snow sparkles like diamonds as the sun rose.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

so we had a beautiful walk on the lake. we couldn’t go far. Meva has been sick yet again but at least this morning she was willing to walk. yesterday the only place she walked was to the doctors.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAstill she seemed happy to take a short walk and explore just a bit.

I asked Marty to take a few photos of me because I just finished a new knit shawlOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI made spun the yarn for this shawl myself using some yak fiber I bought at WI Sheep&Wool. want a closer look…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAit seems difficult to get a picture of this shawl to show off how wonderful it truly is. in real life the snow is sparkling like diamonds as the shine is shining on it. and the yak/silk/merino just shimmers. but this picture just doesn’t capture that.

so I put the scarf on again and we walked a little further around Nichol’s point. the day is so beautiful we really hated to turn around and go home. and then I saw a bush on the shore where I could hang my new “Precious”(yes, we were watching the Fellowship of the Ring while I knit this. why do you ask?).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthe gentle breeze ruffles the edge of the scarf just a little and makes it hard to really see the knit stitches but then the sunlight made a perfect lace shadow in the snow behind it.

this is a quick, easy to memorize knit called Winter Bloom by Kourtney Robinson. It took me only a couple days knitting.

Now I did changed a few things. the original shawl has beads in it but I cast on X-mas eve and couldn’t face the crowds out shopping for last minute gifts to buy some beads. so I told myself that the yak with shimmery silk added to it would be dressy enough without beads. and then when I searched through my collection of circular needles I couldn’t find a #4. Now I am sure that next week when I am looking for a #3 I will find a #4 but that is besides the point. there wasn’t a #4 to be found. still not willing to be out – not even at the LYS I did the next best thing and cast on with a #5.

what’s the worst that could happen ?? it is not the end of the world if you have a larger gauge for a shawl as long as you like the way the lace looks it is fine. well the worst that could happen is that although I had spun 4 ozs almost 400 yards of light gray yak yarn I did run out. seeing as how I am perfectly willing to fly by the seat of my pants and throw caution to the wind I just happened to have 1 oz of a darker yak/wool fiber without silk added which I used pretending that I always intended to have a darker border on my shawl. as you can see even with the little glitches my knitting had I am still delighted with my shawl. and I can also add that yak fiber is indeed very warm I took lots of pictures of my knitting and my ears did get a little cold but quickly warmed up when I wrapped the babuska around my head again.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMeva isn’t quite as thrilled with my shawl as I am but with all her fur she doesn’t really need it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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3 Responses to winter shadows

  1. Peg says:

    The shawl is beautiful and I love it babushka style! I hope Meva feels better . . .

    • Mary Jo says:

      the poor old girl is really having a time of it. she still isn’t eating and she has been napping all day.
      hey I was at the library and found the cookbook you told me about. I may not be able to eat the deserts but I can look at the pictures and drool.

  2. Jen says:

    Happy New Year MaryJo… and hope that you enjoy health & knitting in abundance in 2014 !!! :)

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