scurry & hurry

I am working to finish the project living in the bottom of my bag.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

it is the sock that have been hogging space on my needles for at least one month.  this is a slow knit and I have to question why?

is it the fiber?

maybe….it is a cotton blend. I am not a big fan of cotton yarns. my fingers feel old and sore when I knit with some cottons. ….. . but this cotton is soft and easy on the fingers.  when the first sock was finished the recipient has tried it on and he thinks it might feel ok(as in it is not itchy wool)

is it the pattern????

well not really it is my go to plain vanilla sock. the sock that I go to when I don’t want to think. it is easy to add a pattern to so I did a lot of knits and purls to add some texture to the cuff. and then my usual ribbing on the foot.

is it the color??????

yeah I am not crazy about the color. it is hard to find a non-wool sock yarn in manly colors. and since I really don’t know if these will get worn or just tossed into the back of a drawer I grabbed this lone skein out of the sale bin. there wasn’t a choice just this ball of yarn labeled orange. but it doesn’t strike me as orange for some reason maybe salmon or brown or blaaa

or could it be…… I am just a bit of a primadonna when it comes to yarn?

OK this is probable the whole problem. I do knit with non animal fiber when it is appropriate but mostly I love a good wool. so this poor cotton substitute has languished in my bag. there is nothing wrong with it. I drag it to knitting group and manage to add a row or two but mostly it gets shoved to the bottom of the bag while I put something more fun on top and knit that instead. and just so you get a picture of what a fun project is compared to these socks I cast on and knit a swatch the other day.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also knit a hat, a shawl, a couple of toys and a whole slew of santa ornaments.

I don’t make New Year resolutions but seriously these socks have to be finished. I want a fresh pair of socks on my needles. and I have swore to myself that nothing else will be started until these are done. I am determined –come hell or high water(or snow and frigid temps) I will cast off the second sock this weekend. and then I can cast on……OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwool honest to goodness soft cuddle worthy wool. probable the gray yarn that I wound up Thursday while telling myself it wouldn’t be cast on till I finished. or maybe it will be the blue which is destined to be leg warmers. or maybe that brown yarn that is longing to be a new cardigan.

so hurry up fingersOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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2 Responses to scurry & hurry

  1. Linda M. says:

    Well, the color is not orange; who mind you name it such? It happens to be some of my favorite colors. I love the fall and the colors of sunset/rise I die for. Unfortunately I have a hard time with color, and usually turn to the safe browns when I buy yarn. But that’s ok, I like you love wool and how it feels. Those natural undyed colors whether it be alpaca or a type of wool, seem to have more depth than any dyed yarn. I am also finishing projects and using yarns from my stash. I’m also working with a cotton blend, which is a worsted weight, which although very soft (chenile) I have to knit tight to prevent the worming. It is slow going, for all of the obvious reasons you said. UGH !
    Stay warm in this below zero weather :)

    • Mary Jo says:

      I love the fall too and all the colors associated with it. Orange, browns and yellows are some of the colors I dye with plants from my garden. I think what throws this yarn off for me is the salmon or dark pink in the mix. as far as a cotton yarn goes this one isn’t bad it seems to have just enough give to be easy on my fingers. but still I can’t wait for this to be off my needles.

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