a year of socks

I don’t make New Year resolutions. not because I am perfect but because I don’t want to let myself down. it’s so hard when your goal is to loss weight or balance my checkbook. I strive for goals all the time but I don’t want to make them a New Year resolution and then fail miserably.

but I was thinking about it this morning and although I don’t make resolutions I kind of have made one. I joined a new group on Ravelry  – friends-of- knitting-sarah. I enjoy reading Sarah’s blog and feel like she is a neighbor even though we have never met – she lives a little NW of me near Beaver Dam.

also there is a KAL starting on Jan 15 in this group. it a kind of KAL with goals that will be easy for me to achieve. the KAL is to knit on socks everyday for the year from Jan 15, 2014 through Jan 14, 2015.  and it is any sock and any pattern you want. it doesn’t matter if you knit one sock or one sock a month. there are no rules except to have fun and have a sock on the needles all year. this is a resolution I can get behind ; )

I have lots of sock yarn in my stash and there is always a pretty sock yarn beckoning me at the LYS. I love small projects that are easy to thrown in my purse as I walk out the door. there are so many wonderful patterns to choose from that range from easy, no thinking, watching TV socks all the way to tough, beautiful lace and cable socks that keep you on your toes as you manipulate your yarn to form the stitches. and to be very honest if I look back on the last year I had either a pair of socks or a teeny-tiny toy made out of leftover sock yarn in my project bag every day. so here is a resolution I can stick to for a whole year. I won’t be skinnier at the end of the year and the checkbook won’t be balanced……

but….. I will have a well stocked sock drawer. starting with these socksOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

my sock drawer will be replenished.

I am thoroughly enjoying my night & day socks. the first one knit up in just 3 days. it is comfy and cosy and very warm. I wore it this morning for my walk.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had to include this picture so that my daughter will shake her head and laugh at her crazy mom. I told her I was going to knit the second sock of this pair from the toe up last night and she said she couldn’t wear socks that were that different. so then I told her since the first sock was finished I was going to give it a trial run and wear it on our morning walk.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAso last night I cast on and started a toe. since the socks are opposites – day & night I cast on in the charcoal color. now I need to re-chart so that the swirls go in the opposite direction and I will be off and running.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApretty snazzy, eh?

well off to run some errants and then to knit group….check out Sarah’s blog and join us for a year long of socks.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the word of the KAL! And your socks look awesome! Whew-hoo!

    • Mary Jo says:

      Hi Sarah thanks for the compliment. I am loving this pair of socks and can hardly wait untIl they are both done and I can wear them. I also can’t wait until the kal officially starts and I can see everyone’s socks as they knit them.

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