night & day you are the one

you can tell when I am in love with a project I post nearly everyday. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAyou might be getting sick of seeing pictures of my wide flat toes but no matter I keep taking them. and even worse showing off what my socks look like every inch of the way. you would think I have never knit socks before the way I act ; )

well I am quite happy with how these socks are turning out and I am already planning the next pair. yeah you heard that right – I figure I should be able to get 2 pair out of this yarn. also some of the ladies in my knit group liked these a lot and asked if I would share a pattern. so I am taken notes and will write them up.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthis might work out very well because I had submitted a pattern for the more or less kitchener toe and heel and Ravelry turned me down it turns out you can’t have a pattern that is just a formula for part of a garment. so if I get this written and tested I will be able to put in in my store. now you might say why because there really is so many sock patterns. maybe this would just be another plain vanilla sock pattern with a st pattern pasted on top. but you see I think my toes and heels are a little unique. to tell the truth I don’t think I have seen any weirdo toes and heels that look like these. I say weird in jest of course. I think the toes and heels look quite nice even on my feet and even better are super easy to knit.

the pattern that I plugged into my ‘plain old standard for me sock’ is just a little different. it looks like a stranded pattern. you know the standard work in 2 colors with floats and twists and all that. BUT it isn’t – you only use one color per row. no carrying or twisting or untwisting. so next week I will carry directions along to the weekly meeting and show a few of the ladies how to knit these socks. I hope to finish the socks before then and to write it up and also to knit a couple of samples that everyone can knit on to try out the technique.

ps Alice this is what -16* looks like. we must be tougher than you guys… your pipes froze at just 9*OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApss. just joking about the temps Al.

see I wasn’t joking yesterday your weirdo mom is knitting the second sock from the toe up instead of cuff down. see my socks truly are night&day. and I will wear them even if they don’t match.


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  1. Greg says:

    I love your Night & Day socks. It’s been really fun watching them grow over the last several blog posts. I’m looking forward to more sock knitting practice, especially since it will help increase the speed at which I knit. 1 sock in three months was tough. I bet the 2nd sock goes quicker.

  2. Great socks! I bet they’ll be really warm with all of that stranded colourwork, too!

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