close doesn’t count

so after posting a picture everyday of my sock progress I suddenly go quiet. what happened did I sink in to the bermuda triangle where the second sock disappear.? or maybe I sunk into a deep sock induced coma. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

nope nothing so dramatic – the second sock is about 12 rows from being cast off. but close doesn’t count – but ¬†another half hour of heel knitting and my day & nights will be done. I took a short detour and knit up some samples for a day and then returned to my socks last night while watching tv. I need to take a few notes while I knit the heel of the second sock so I can finish writing out the directions to share with the Wens. knit group and also Linda.¬†OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthis is what my notes looked like the morning before I decided to work on translating my knit short hand. well actually the sketch, some numbers and a rough graph. if I leave my notes too long sometimes they don’t make sense even to me. Today I am hoping to cast on a second size and try out the numbers.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAso I typed up instructions and have the graphs finished…… unfortunately this is the point where I need technical assistance and the tech editor is off having a good time in NY while I am here in this gray dismal dreary meltdown. the driveway and the road have 1/2″ of inch that you can’t walk on but the lake has about a 1/2″ of water and slush on it that the dog was leary of walking on. so it will be a good day to be inside and knit and maybe even spin a yarn or two.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlook the Mr. is leaving a wake behind him(that is a summer thing – when you are close to shore or in a bay it is illegal to motor fast enough to leave a wake behind you. so it made me giggle to see a wake in Mr. Tickler’s boot prints. you can just make out Meva by the seawall – she didn’t want to walk on the wet ice- maybe she was afraid of falling through)

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3 Responses to close doesn’t count

  1. Linda M. says:

    Your sock notes look great. I too forget what I have made notes on if I wait too long. That brioche sweater I told you about, picked it up last night, all went all well until I had to increase on the sleeves (knit up from cuff), I could not remember how I did it. Bummer, next half hour was trying to figure out how I had done it. Got through it, should go faster now.
    Ice is bad here also. Was afraid to go down our long driveway (down hill) to walk to the mailbox, left it for my Doug to get it when home from work. Today we bought lots of salt. Better melt down before it freezes again.
    Keep up the great work oon your socks.

  2. marylou says:

    A no wake zone in January – pretty funny. It’s been too flipping cold here in Minnesota for any kind of water. Black ice everywhere. Ick.

    • Mary Jo says:

      you have to maintain a sense of humor with the cold weather we are having now. looking back at this post I remember how warm it was …. today the high is -16* with out the windchill added in.
      but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love that I live in a state that has 4 seasons. I love the way the snow squeaked as we walked the dog this morning. I even love the way lake sings – groaning and creaking when it gets cold.

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