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as always there are socks on my needles. I am still working on writing the mosaic pattern for my Day & Night socks – I am probable the slowest writer out there. in the meantime I cast on a plain old sock to carry with me when I go to knitting group. I love knitting group but I am easily distracted and find myself picking back a lot. but even plain old needs a little embellishment so I dug through an old pattern book to find something fun to add. with a little math and a basic pattern for socks you can be a designer too.

when I knot plain old socks I always start with 64 sts on #1 needles or 72 sts on #0. this creates a fabric that works for me. I like a tighter fabric because it wears better. then I like to knit a 2 x 2 rib for 1 or 2 inches. then it is time to work in a pattern.







this particular pattern has an 11 st repeat.

Barley Sugar Pattern

multiple of 11

round 1; *S1, k1, psso, k6, wrn to make 1, k3*

round 2; k

round 3; rep. from round 1

and since my go to pattern for socks has 64 sts a round this is a pretty easy pattern to stick into my sock. I just increase 2 sts on the first plain knit row after the ribbing and start my pattern round with 66 sts. I will knit 6 repeats in every round.

some patterns cannot be inserted so easily. a cable pattern pulls in more widthwise so you would need to do a gauge swatch and make sure you increase enough sts for the sock or else you will not be able to pull it on. the mosaic patterned socks I knit also pulled in more widthwise so I needed to increase 6 sts when I began the pattern. so I went from 64 st to 70 st when I knit those socks.

I picked this pattern because I wanted to knit something a little more interesting than plain stockinette but I also kept in mind that the wild colors would over ride any fancy sts. experimenting with this st was a pleasant surprise it adds just enough zing to an already wild yarn. which by the way is Anemone Wildflower by Frolicking Feet

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  1. Linda M. says:

    Lovely. Is the spiral part of the pattern?

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