snow dyeing with kool aide

I am having a bit of fun for the past week. it started with a little snow play day last weekend.
after I posted my dyeing experiments with snow, Linda M decided to try the same experiment only using Kool Aide instead of the dye powder.
and Linda’s way is much easier than buying dye. and even better it is food safe you can use cooking utensils and your microwave and not worry about fumes or what not. so this is something you can do with your kids or take it along to knitting group which is what I did. I grabbed my pots and Kool Aide and took it with me to Wednesday knitting group at Knitch.
Linda washed her wool and rinsed it a mixture of vinegar and water. then followed the same steps I did substituting the Kool Aide for the dye. it was very successful
so all of the steps are basically the same with just different products used.
 First I used a pot with a strainer from my dye shed.I put a measuring cup into the bottom of the pot .
so that when I set the strainer into the pot it would be raised and when the snow melts the yarn would not sit in the water
then I washed the yarn skein   and then soaked the skein in a solution of 1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar. I rung the skien out a little and placed it in the strainer pot. then I filled the pot with snow.
and let me tell you there is plenty of snow in our neck of the woods. then I sprinkled 2 packages of unsweetened  lemonade on one side and 1 package of ice blue raspberry lemonade and 1 package of mixed berry. then we set the pot of snow in the sun and forgot about it. we sat and knitted and nattered and had some delicious Irish Soda Bread topped with a heavenly butter topping that was out of this world that Beth made. after an hour the pot was starting to look like a slushy from Seven Eleven and smelled very fruity. and here is where there should be a picture of a blue and yellow slushy but  I didn’t take my camera to knitting because my bag was so full of everything else…. so you will have to take my word for it. instead I will show you a picture of what my yarn looks like this morning.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
I put the yarn into a roaster bag this morning. you could also use a plain plastic bag. and then put it in the microwave. Linda told me she heated her yarn for a total of 10 minutes to heat and set the dye but I was a little worried about heating it that long. so I put it in the microwave for 1 minute and then checked. it was warm but I wanted it warmer so I pressed the 30 second timer 2 more times and went out to walk the dog. when I came back it was still warm but had cooled a little so I hit the 30 second button 2 more times feeling it each time for heat. I may be overly cautious about heating wool in the microwave but I heard a story once about wool burning in the microwave so it doesn’t hurt to be cautious.  then I walked away for 20 minutes and then heated the wool one more time.
then I waited for the yarn to cool.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAafter it was cool to the touch I put my yarn in the sink for a bath and voila! I have springtime from the snowdrifts. it is just as bright and cheery as the picture. nice greens and a little yellow and some beautiful blues.
so the Polar Vortex that is outside my door is good for more than causing traffic jams. I can hardly wait for more snow. I might have to hurry though Linda M wrote me and said she saw a ground hog out her garage when she collected her snow for dyeing …….. apparently it did get the message on Feb 2 that there are 6 more weeks of winter.
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4 Responses to snow dyeing with kool aide

  1. Linda M. says:

    Sounds like all of you had a fun day. I do wish I lived closer, because I would definitely join you. I haven’t found a knitting group here. In spite of the sub zero temps today, I saw my little ground hog again. He must like the sun. Looks like I will have to put live traps out in the spring again.(I then take them to a near by preserve) Otherwise those little guys do a lot of damage.
    I love the colors you chose and they came out great ! I definitely will be doing more dying.

  2. Peg says:


  3. Ellen says:

    That came out great! I think I’ll try it. I’ve been experimenting with dyeing and it is SO much fun! I’ve done Kool Aid dyeing in the microwave, but I really like the idea of taking advantage of the snow.

  4. Pia says:


    I finally got round to packaging your seeds. One went missing, I’ll have to gather new next summer.

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