scuba diving on okauchee lake

so you have seen posts about my walks on the lake and dyeing with snow,  but how about some shots of some of my neighbors idea of fun in the snow.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthese guys take it to a whole new level. you can’t see Meva’s face here but even she has her doubts about this guy’s sanity. Meva won’t get in the water when it’s hot let alone when it is barely above zero.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the ice was 20″ thick last weekend and the members of the 4 Seasons Scuba Divers of  Southeastern Wisconsin had to work a little to get to the water. they drilled 3 holes in the ice with an auger and then took out a chain saw to cut this large hole. the ice is then pushed down and to the side so they can put it back in place when they are done diving. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we asked how deep it was there and they said about 18′ but swimming just a little  ways from the hole the lake is 54′ deep. we wondered if they were part of the fire department rescue team but they said no they just do this for fun.
I asked what was down there and one of them told me there were 2 sunken boats and they sometimes find motors. and one told me laughing that there were lots of anchors down there from boaters that weren’t in boy scouts and can’t tie knots and someone had planter a 35 mph speed limit sign down there for giggles. well even though it was cold last weekend they did have a good day for a dive the sun was out and it was a balmy 11* above zero in the morning.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAafter they disappeared from view we continued on our walk suddenly feeling very warm indeed.

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  1. Linda M. says:

    I have heard of the Scuba Club, I think the local news has done a feature or two on them. Wow…too cold for sure. I don’t suppose they can stay done very long. I get claustrophobic thinking about it. Thanks for the interesting pictures, I always look forward to what you have to say.
    Temps are going up slightly, 32 by Thursay a heat wave!

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