1st day of spring??????

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI just got back from a trip to Michigan and even though it is warmer here in Wisconsin I am feeling a bit cantankerous like my friend from Teresha, WI. where are the spring bulbs and  greenery that we expect in March??

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAgive me a couple more days to chew my cud and I will be ready to tell you about my adventures in the north woods.

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  1. Linda M. says:

    Hi Mary Jo, Sounds like you had a lovely trip. My yard is either a soup of mud and ice, or a skating rink. I can’t wait for spring either. No signs of spring here in Elkhorn, even though we are much farther south. Tomorrow I go to an orthopedic doctor, to have my right arm and shoulder looked at. Have neglected it for a year. Too painful to let it go and it is interfering with what I want to do, so it is time. Not looking forward to it though.
    Love the camel, who does he belong to? Going to finally get my chickens this year. Want some cute bantams. My Doug is anxious to finish building the coop and enclosure. Can’t wait.

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