fo friday

so I live in a state of turmoil and  always seem to be a day late and a dollar short in the best of times. and this spring or winter actually hasn’t always been the best.

so here we are on saturday doing a finished (or actually not finished) overview of the past week.

FOfridayon wednesday I showed some projects along with a finished toy and for my -late to the party- Friday on Saturday post I have mainly unfinished projects.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa mosaic mitten sans thumb, a tiger head, and some wool spun up but not knit. this is how my week has gone – projects started but not completed.

taxes started 3 separate times but still not finished…please don’t remind me that I only have 2 more weeks left.


mittens started but put down because orange seemed more important to work on.

fiber started on the wheel only to have trouble spinning it and walking away so I don’t scream in frustration.


my attention span is short and I am discombobulated so instead of finished objects there are a pile of almosts.

well except for this…Friday is garbage day around here and I played the always fun game of ‘What’s that smell??’ although I didn’t win any prizes I did walk away with a sort of clean looking freezer and a better idea of what will be my next entry in the ‘What’s for dinner?’ game….house work is more interesting if you can make it into a game.

and for the sake of honesty and so you don’t think I am a big slob my fridge didn’t actually smell(this time) before I played this game.

so there you have it my FOfriday check out Tami’s Amis for more.



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3 Responses to fo friday

  1. Ellen says:

    Ha ha! “What’s that smell?” is often played in our house!

  2. Linda M. says:

    Played that same game not too long ago, when our extra fridge out in the mud-room quit freezing. This wasn’t really the fridge’s fault. It was so dang cold this winter, that the thermostat in the fridge got confused. Anyway the freezer part left lots of stuff only half frozen, and kind of iffy. So had to throw it out. Hopefully I can get another fridge, and this time we will put in in the basement. I miss having the extra space for a meat sale, or keeping drinks cold in the summer. I think everyone plays ‘what’s that smell?’ sometimes.

  3. Pia says:

    “house work is more interesting if you can make it into a game.”

    I find that extremely hard to believe …

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