July will be a month of finishing for me. I brought home my Mom’s last quilting project. she was making it for my son. she had finished a little over half the blocks before she lost her sewing mojo. DSC00180I¬†quilted some many years ago when my kids were small but I am no way as good a quilter as my Mom was. I don’t feel like I can finish off the blocks as perfectly as she would have so instead I am planning to have the pinwheels scatter and spin out of control over the edge of the quilt. I laid it all out on top of a quilt my Mom finished a few years back and then showed it to Bud. I got a thumbs up so I started to work on sewing it up this week.

another project that has been sitting is my basket. I took a basket class last winter and was able to weave about 1/4 of my basket during the class. the class was fun but I knew I didn’t want to weave on this project in the house since you have to soak the reed and everything gets wet. I pictured sitting outside on the pier dipping my basket into the water as I worked. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAafter doing a little yard work on thursday I got out the supplies and started to weave. it took 2 afternoons but I now have a finished basket and I love it!DSC00219in fact I love it so much that I may start the second on that is in the material bag I brought home from the class. but first there is a pile of mulch that needs to be carted about and spread…..before I can play

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  1. Ali says:

    This turned out beautifully. Wow, I love it. Whatcha gonna put in it?

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