DSC00410Meva is a little embarrassed …. while I was at my Mom’s in Michigan  she made the police blotter of the local paper .

DSC00536apparently someone called the police and reported that we were keeping a wolf at our home.

This is wolf…… yeah she doesn’t look aggressive. she is a big fluffy mutt-puppy.DSC00407she is a pretty relaxed – this is her normal pose about 80% of the day.P1010010

she is a people person – she loves to visit with people and greet them. she rarely barks even when dogs bark at her. she is more likely to bark and wag her tail  at people to call to them so they will walk over and pet her. P1010044  when she does bark it is more of a song. it starts out low in the back of her throat and slowly gets louder, gravering until her head is thrown back and her eyes are shut as this beautiful melody emerges.  I do remind myself when she does this that even though I find her singing quite lovely that my neighbors might not agree and I go out and make her stop.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

she has lots of friends in fact I get more calls asking how she is when I am traveling than I get calls for myself. when people don’t see me walking her they get  worried and call me to see if she is feeling ok.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAshe is a winter creature ……. she loves the winter. the first snow fall has her running around chasing snowflakes and rolling in the snow. summer she tolerates  she won’t swim in the lake but loves it if we keep the sprinkler on so she can lay in its spray.

she doesn’t like small yappy dogs. they yip and yap and strain at their leashes jumping at her. she used to tolerate this behavior and even be a little curious about it until one of these small dogs came up to her repeatedly and then bit her in the nose. so now she tolerates it but if a small dog gets too close she silently shows her teeth and they back off.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the police officer that came to the house loved Meva and Meva loved him back. they visited and Meva rolled on her back so he could give her a belly rub. he checked her teeth apparently wolf teeth and dog teeth are different somehow. and then a reporter for the paper found a report written up about Mev and decided it was more interesting then who had a drunk driving ticket or the loud party at so and so’s house Friday night and decided to put Meva into the blotter column much to the amusement of Meva’s friends who stopped by to tease her and give her a pat on the back, a little belly rub and assure her she is the bestest, sweetest, friendliest girl friend ever.


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3 Responses to mutt-puppy

  1. Pia says:

    Can’t imagine why anyone would be scared of that pretty face!

  2. Linda M. says:

    Love your puppy. A gorgeous dog. All that fur makes her look wolf like.

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