DSC00549this picture would have delighted my Mom.

Mom died June 11 this year. My family and in particular my sisters and I decided we would do everything we could to let Mom stay in her home till the end.

So the 3 of us and my Mom  began a journey. It was hard at times but it also was filled with a simple joys.

The picture above reminds me of the joy we shared. During one of my trips this winter I set out birdfeeders to entertain us as we sat in the living room. I wanted something to watch besides the snowdrifts outside the window that refused to melt. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  we  moved the wicker planters that line the porch to the living room and filled them with plants we found in the store – things like tulips and x-mas and then as the nursery started getting more of the annuals out we filled the planters with geraniums and annuals that would be planted outside when the weather warmed. we also hung bird feeders and watched the chickadees and woodpeckers outside the windows.

as the weather warmed up I found a hummingbird feeder in the shed. Mom and Dad always had hummingbirds in their garden. but over the years the size of the  garden had shrunk and they stopped putting out the feeders.

Mom didn’t think the hummingbirds would come back. we put a feeder outside her bedroom window along with a basket of petunias that my sister Peg planted and with in a half an hour the first hummingbird arrived.


Mom greeted each visit with delight and everything would stop as she pointed out the hummingbird and marveled as it fed on the sweet water in the feeder. together we read up on hummingbirds and watched the visitors and quickly realized that the hummingbirds coming to the feeder were females. we rarely saw a male. I know that there must have been males in the area but at least 95% of the time it was females sucking down the sweet juice we mixed up. we never figured out why that was. but we called our hummingbird Ms Frida … because we first saw her come to the window on a Friday and since hummingbird babies are raised solely by their Mommas she is a Ms not a Mrs. That’s right the Papas are MIS – missing in action. look it up if you don’t believe me – in fact just google hummingbirds because these are fun birds to learn about.DSC00545

right up to the end Mom still marveled and was delighted at the little things.

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  1. Linda M. says:

    I am so very sorry to hear of Mary Jo’s death. I felt there was something wrong. We did not know each other well, but we exchanged some private emails, usually about knitting, but what was in our gardens and around us too. I am so very sorry. I missed hearing from her, and wished I could have know her better.
    Linda M.

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