venue of vultures

DSC00603this was the scene overhead as we headed out on the lake to fish Monday night. every evening in the summer the vultures circle sailing on the  heat thermals in the sky swooping in large arcs higher and higher until suddenly they disappear from view.


a group of vultures  flying in this formation  are called a kettle. if you happened upon group of vulture on the ground they would be called a venue,a committee or a volt. a group of vultures feeding is called a wake of vultures.


although these birds look like specks in the sky they are actually pretty large bird with a wingspan of 6 feet.

as majestic as the vulture looks from a distance when you get a close up look you might reel back in disgust

Turkey Vulture at Morro Rock feeding on dead Western Gull

but they play an important part in our environment. vultures are the garbage men or cleaners – they feed on dead carcasses that otherwise would rot at the side of the road or in the field protecting people and animals from getting sick.

of course I wasn’t thinking about any of that as we headed out on the lake searching for where a school of fish might be…for me this was just a beautiful ballet to entertain us as we waited for a nibble or two.


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  1. Linda M. says:

    Wonderful pictures. Never saw so many together. The most I see over head is 5 or 6.

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