round robin quilt

binding all ironed and ready to put on a real live quilt.

DSC00824I have been struggling with finishing up quilt projects of my Mom’s. I did sew a few quilts back when my children were little. they were scrappy quilts. my corners were far from perfect but they were warm and colorful…..full of all the odds and ends leftovers from sewing kids clothing.

my Mom’s quilts have perfect corners and beautiful colors. she had a good eye for working out patterns and the perfect shades to add. her quilts were precise and her math all worked out maybe because she was a teacher.

I am a little scattered and hodge podgey. I have been pulling out seams and my gray hair trying to fit together these quilt blocks. I have put away the large pinwheel that Mom was sewing and told myself to start smaller.

so I started working on these odds and ends squares that were leftover from bigger quilts. my sisters and I would like to make 8 quilts from the odds and ends so we can give one to each our siblings. just little blankets that can be used for future grandkids. I made a few simple squares to go with Mom’s squares.

here is the first top ready to be quilted. there are a couple of Mom’s blocks along with some scrappy blocks I sewed together. this first attempt isn’t perfect but that is all right. I will learn as I go.



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  1. Pia says:

    Well, you are you, and I think you do a great job of quilting as yourself! :)

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