Whatz it in my bird bath……..a closer look…..its a tiny painted turtle — the shell is slightly smaller than a quarter.we found him on our afternoon walk wandering across the road. I quickly picked him up and carried him along with us so that a car wouldn’t run him over. I kept him over night to watch him swim in a bowl and this morning released him to swim in the lake. I know the lake is dangerous too– a big muskie might gobble him up for a tiny snack. But hopefully he will swim down into the weeds and grow to be a big turtle.

Speaking of turtles Anthony is still on the needles — I am stuck on his feet. I want a flipper like foot so I keep frogging it to try again. I made a turtle last summer for PB&J http://www.palsbringjoy.com/www.palsbringjoy.com/Welcome.html This turtle is knit in acrylic worsted weight yarn and has my signature pocket for hiding a little treasure.

So I put the Tony  on hold for a while and knit socks. But after we found Tim (the tiny turtle) I cast on a 2nd turtle. Tony was bigger than I had envisioned but I kept knitting him anyways–while I waited for some yarn I ordered to arrive.

The new yarn arrived Saturday and Sunday I allowed myself to cast on and play. I have unravelled this one a couple of times too tweaking it a little. I changed the mosaic pattern from the larger version I made. Mosaics are fun to play with. I still have a couple of changes I want to try but I think I will finish this one and then cast on second one. Both new turtles are cotton yarn. The bigger one is Cascade Pima which is wonderfully soft and shiney. The smaller turtle is organic cotton from Knit Picks in a sport weight. It is also very soft and easy to work with. Sometimes I have problems knitting with cotton it has so little give that my fingers get sore knitting with it but both of these yarns are nice to knit with.  Acrylic yarn nice for toys because it is washable but I like the idea of using a natural fiber too — so finding a cotton that isn’t hard to knit with is great. And as far as the foot problem …. I will take my knitting along when we go fishing this afternoon I am sure some thing will work out ; )Look at the beautiful colors on the flip side and the adorable flipper feet. I love how the black center of the shell is the shape of a fish.

The mini skein giveaway is closed now but stay tuned I will pick this afternoon and post tomorrow.


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