Its been a great week in Okauchee. The weather has been cold but the sun is out most days so it is perfect November weather. It is great walking weather as long as it isn’t too windy. I have been carrying my camera hoping that we stumble upon what we saw Monday morning on our walk. Why is it the best walks are when you don’t have the camera to take a picture of the birds or other wildlife you see?

So I can only tell you what happened and you will have to imagine. We walked our usual route Monday a circle through the nearby subdivision that just 5 years ago was farm fields planted with corn and soybeans. It has the usual assortment of cats and dogs. There are  squirrels and sometimes sandhll cranes. There is a small grove of walnut trees where 2 albino squirrels live. But that is about it. On Monday we were just starting our walk and were just turning out of our street and the dog hesitated looking into a small strip of land with trees and bushes. Normally she will bound off chasing squirrels even though there is no chance she will catch them, she doesn’t hesitate unless it is something larger. We stood still for a minute and then a buck leaped out of the woods and  ran across the road he stood still, turned and looked at us. He was a perfect 8 point buck and would have made any hunter proud to have shot. He seemed to look us up and down, then turned and ran towards the ponds. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of white and turned and saw a doe leap and  run in the opposite direction.  We looked again and could still see the buck in the distance watching us and Meva ran about sniffing and committing his smell to memory.

So every morning I have taken my camera with me as we walk hoping like the hunters are to see the elusive buck again so I can ‘shoot’ him.

Other things- I am working on writing a pattern for the owl toy. It was coming along and I thought I was almost  finished writing and I cast on again. As I worked I realized  that the pattern too complicated. There is a lot to be said for learning new skills but there is no point to using that skill when something less complex will do.

The skill I am talking about is provencal cast-on. Now this is a great cast-on and comes in very handy for any number of projects. But I admit I have to look it up every time I use it and study the pictures and even then sometimes I don’t do it right and the cast-on does not pull out smoothly like it should.

So why use it to knit a swatch owl. This toy is supposed to be easy and fun to knit not something that causes you to mutter under your breath as you struggle to hold a crochet hook in one hand and a knitting needle in the other with yarn tangled around both.  Is this dumbing down? – - I don’t think so life and knitting should be simple and relaxing.

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