cheater quilts

I am one of those pet owners that allow her dog to come up on the bed at night. Yes we are co-sleepers. She doesn’t stay very long – she prefers to stretch out and there isn’t enough room for 3 in a queen size bed. So she jumps up on our bed for about 15 minute and then either goes out on the deck or she goes in the guest room and stretches out on that bed by herself.
Now this could be a problem because she is a big dog and who in their right mind wants to wash the bedding after she climbs up there. So I made what I call cheater quilts. Smaller than the quilts we normally use but big enough to cover the top of the bed. They are small enough to throw in the wash and also pretty enough to leave on the beds during the day.
I love scrounging around thrift stores and sometimes find beautiful handmade tablecloths. I bought a few that were to pretty to pass up but once I got them home they sat on a shelf because I just don’t use tablecloths. Once we got Meva and let her sleep with us I really hated her on my beautiful quilts so I decided to make  comforters to cover the top of the beds and protect our bedding. Its pretty simple I lay out the table cloth and cut a square of plain cotton fabric the same size. Then I figure out how much bigger that it needs to be to cover the top of the bed.I cut out strips of fabric to make my square larger. Then I sew them log cabin style to my square of plain fabric. Another thrifty trick is to use an old worn out sheet for the plain square in the middle. 

Next I pin the tablecloth to my sewn pieces.Now you are ready to sew along the edge of the tablecloth- for this one I used white thread. I also  sewed further inside in a couple of areas so that the quilt was secured inn the middle. Then I finish them like you would a regular quilt with a backing and  batting sandwiched inside. Since this is a cheater quilt I just tie it off to finish.

I think my cheater quilts look rather nice on the bed.  I get to enjoy seeing these beautiful tablecloths instead of them being hid in the linen closet. They are thrifty – mine cost under $20 each. I even have some beautiful cutwork napkins to match one of them and maybe this winter I will sew them up into shams to match our comforters.And the best thing is I don’t yell at puppy to stay off the bed anymore.



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