Sometimes when I look out the window I just see all the branches….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOak leaves still clinging to the trees in the yard make for a stark picture with the grey dreary sky in the background.

The bay we live in is quiet this morning….no birds chirping and the coots that normally are swimming and dunking under the water are missing. ┬ákind of a dreary and depressing picture isn’t it?

but the grey stillness makes me think that I should take a closer look to see why it is so quiet and peaceful.

Sure enough hidden in the trees out front is the reason….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Blending into the tree is an eagle. not the very best picture I admit but seeing an eagle is just so fun so I had to share it.

on any normal morning there is a huge flock of coots in the bay foraging for their breakfast. When I say huge I mean over a hundred little ducks. It has been so warm here that ice hasn’t formed yet and until it does the coots will be here every morning. And the eagle will also be here trying to catch the coots off guard and get his breakfast too.

well I am off to walk the dog and then its time to cook some breakfast and then some baking.

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