No pictures from the cabin this week. I packed in such a hurry that I forgot my camera. It’s really too bad because the trilliums were blooming. Also dutchman breeches and swamp marigolds are blooming and mayapples are up. Normally these aren’t all blooming at the same time but I think the weather has been so cold that it interrupted our bloom season and now lots of flowers are just rushing to catch up. So the woods around here are carpeted with white blossoms.

I also didn’t have washing soda so I decided not to dye this week. Instead I worked in the garden. Usually I play in the garden but for a day and a half I cleaned, weeded and seeded my flower beds (or should I say weed beds because I mostly grow native wild flowers or as some of my neighbors say weeds). I pushed myself to the point of exhaustion and then when I straightened up and looked around I realized that I had done only a small portion of the yard. ┬áBut that is the beauty of a natural landscape – I attack small areas of the yard and leave the rest go. Many of the beds take care of themselves with the help of a little mulch and the use of a pruning shear to clip out unwanted growth. The areas that need a little work are my dye garden beds – that is were I plant seeds and even just a few vegetables. They are the area closest to the road. In one area I grew sunflowers and hopi corn – this year I am switching that bed to black hollyhocks and cosmos. The area where I grew cosmos will be all zinnias and marigolds this year.

I did so much cleaning & trimming in the yard that I have a nice stack of branches and debris to burn in the pit so dyeing can wait till next week.

I did have a little time to knit so maybe tomorrow if it stops raining I take some pictures to share.


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  1. Just wanted you to know that I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award!

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