it’s wens. and I have a lot of WIPsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAstarting with this roving that I got from Tracey Schuh of Interlacements Yarns. this is CanyonLands Plus colorway. now I will admit I am a little scared of colored batts — mostly because I am worried that I will mess them up.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbut I decided to just leap in and try. so I unbraided the roving and then split it in half. with the first half I am splitting into smaller sections isolating the colors. I started with the gray and tans.


I spun and then plied the first part of it back onto itself using a handy ply. I ended up with 28 yards and knit up a tiny sample on #1 dp. I like the colors but I can see flaws in my spinning. it is uneven which doesn’t bother me too much but there are areas of overtwisting which I have to work on. the overtwisted coils make the yarn feel wire-y in spots.

next I spun the same colors but I divided the roving differently. I did something called a fractal spin. don’t know if this worked in until I knit up a sample though.


last night I broke off a hunk of red and brown roving and spun this single…..being a little too inpatient I Navajo plied it today and got 35 yards of a pretty cabled yarn.

finally here is the hat that I started Sunday… the bag is made by my sister Peg and I am using it for walking and knitting. I was using a bag with skinny straps but it would twist up tighter and tighter on my wrist as I walked and then I would have to stop knitting and untangle the mess. Peg’s bag ¬†stays nicely in place and the straps don’t bite into my wrist and my yarn doesn’t tangle.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAoops I bet you noticed that I didn’t bother to use jogless joins at the start and stop of my stripes but don’t worry it won’t show when the hat is done.

so this is what I am working on this wens. check out what everyone else is up to at Tami’s Amistami_wipps Angie asked if theowl & the pussy cat pattern was available¬†OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand it is available and the question got me thinking the two patterns are so perfect together that perhaps it would be fun to have a sale so you could buy both together for the price of one. so just go to my pattern page on Ravelry and use the coupon code twofer to get the patterns for half off.


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