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today isn’t about finishes it is more about halfway thereOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA it looks like this is finished. after all I am in the laundry room getting ready to give 2 skeins a wash and set. but really I have promised myself that a yarn isn’t done until I knit with it. the brown and grey skein is alpaca and I am trying to match it to one of my first skeins that was knit into a hat that is a bit short – it is missing the ribbing because I ran out of yarn. unfortunately I bought the alpaca in Memphis and although I took my half finished hat to the Sheep & Wool Festival I didn’t find what I was looking for. and running out wasn’t even my fault the farmer I bought the fiber from had not brought much with her and I bought all the gray and brown she had. oh well I think I see an over dye for this one.

the multi coloured skein is lovely – it is a corridale mix from Gale’s Art. I bought 12 ounces at the festival. I know I keep saying that I am not going to do these multi coloured batts until I am better at spinning but it is turning out lovely. I haven’t done a wraps per inch yet but it looks like a dk weight to me. this is 155 yards of Navajo plied yarn and I have 2 projects in mind for it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA what I did finish this week is Mending the Moon by Susan Palwick. I took it out of the library and it was in the new mystery section. it was an intriguing book but I wouldn’t classify it as a mystery. the book revolves around a murder but it isn’t a book about the crime so much as a book about how the murder affects the people who knew the victim and the family of the murderer. it is about loss, love, forgiveness and regrets. once you get into the book it is hard to put down or to stop thinking about.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAso these are my friday half baked……….what are you up to ?FOfriday

have you checked Tami’s Amis yet?

now I better get back on that laundry  - it won’t finish itself!!

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