have you seen this? it is  not exactly a kal or a cal but a gift-a-long. there is a long list of indie designers involved. each designer is giving 25% off their patterns for the first 2 weeks of November.

I am participating so if you have been thinking of knitting any of my patterns now would be an excellent time to buy one or two.pizap.com13832360650021 you can knit the minis and use them to adorn your x-mas tree.  I used the owl pattern to make little pouches/sewing kits one year but they are also good places to put a gift card. and canned ham is a real cutie – you could make up the bath scrubbie and include a packet of fancy bath soap in the jar.

pick out a pattern and then join the gal and knit or crochet your gift.  when you are finished you just post a picture of your gift and you will be entered to win some cool prizes.rbn8-b8wt6g

** and it doesn’t matter who you are gifting maybe the gift is selfish and it is for you.

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  1. Ellen says:

    Love this – thanks for letting people know!

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