what do I see hunting in the snowyou can barely make him out in the brush across the bay

but then he steps out in the open and cast a long shadow in the crisp white snow. hunting- listening for any little mice burrowing under the driftMeva waits to see if the fox will come in to our house to dig out the bones that Meva hides under the snow.

sometimes early in the morning the fox will come into our yard looking for food.once he even came to patio door and looked in for his friend to come out to play. on a snowy evening when Meva was a puppy she followed the fox for an adventure up into the hills behind our house. we put on snow shoes and followed their tracks. you could see where they played and rolled around then ran further away. finally she came back to meet us but I think she leaves food out in the yard just to tempt her friend to he just walks by.

*pictures are from 3 years ago when we lived at the cabin full time. we saw the fox nearly every morning. we did see a fox last week in Okauchee but it was a fleeting glimps as he darted across the road.

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