It is a beautiful day on Okauchee- the sun is shining and the sky is blue with no clouds at all. Which also means it is a little colder than it has been. Clear days are usually accompanied by cold temps but I don’t mind

I am just happy to see the sun. It was hard for me to move here from Michigan I was always convinced we had more sunny days in the upper pennisula. And the air was dryer so the below zero weather did not feel as cold. I love a crisp sunny January day. The snow crunches under my feet as I walk the dog. And Meva launches herself into the snow banks when I throw her treats. I saw a sleek kestril hunting when we started out on our walk so all the other birds were hiding. The lake still isn’t frozen we walked a little way on the lake and then had to go up on shore. We walked all the way to the Hideaway because we thought we heard motors and wanted to see if they were having motorcycle races. They weren’t having races the ice is too thin. There are a few brave people ice fishing.  

I started knitting a heavy pair of mittens for Marty the other day. He has been eyeballing my heavy wool mitts and admiring how I can pull off the mitten and still be warm because I wear a small pair of leather gloves underneath.  He doesn’t make many request for knit things so I put aside my other knitting for a couple of days to try and get these done. I am using leftover worsted weight yarn for the fish design on these mittens pairing it with a dark brown wool. Marty doesn’t like the feel of wool but he is going to wear these over a pair of gloves so it doesn’t matter. I used a provincial cast on when I started because I want to be able to adjust the length after the mitts are completed. It has taken me 2 night to knit the first mitten and now I just have to finish the thumb. I still am not sure that Marty will be able to pull these over his gloves. So the big test was yesterday and we declared these mitts too small. This mitten will not go to waste though it is a great mitten(I might make this my mittens I love the fish pattern and the swirls of blue and green from the left over yarn) and I will finish the second one after I get a Marty mitten right. I cast on immediately for another mitt and finished except for the thumb and cuff last night. I like this one although Marty is making noise about the wool and making like they are still tight but I am going to knit the thumb and cast on another mitten cause I think this one works. I didn’t like the yellow color until I paired it with the brown and now it looks more golden. It is a nice heavy knit and after I finish the second mitten I will pull out the provincial cast on and customize the length of the cuff. I think the pattern shows up better in the second mitten. You can  see the fish better.  I am following the pattern for the front but I changed up the back of the second mitten and am using the wave pattern for the palm.So off to finish the thumb and cast on for another mitten.

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