godzilla versus gramma

lurking under my bed growing hungrier  by the minute is a monsterDSC00915

a monster granny
I swear I heard it growling ………FEED ME……..last night


(ok it might have been Meva she was pretty bitchy last nite)imgres-1honestly I am trying to keep this granny fed but she is insatiable. I am on a quest to find more fuel to keep her happy. I have cleared out 2 closets and under the daybed in my office – sorting through bins of yarn. she refuses all but wool flavors and is persnickety when it comes to color.imgres-2this crochet monster is eating through my stash faster than Japanese beetles are eating the leaves on my grape vinesDSC00907

it all started innocently enough – you know an odd skein here and a leftover ball there – but it quickly has escalated to the point where I am frogging unfinished projects to satisfy her hunger.
is it hooking itself in the middle of the night when I am not looking????DSC00913

will it smother me in my sleep?????


am I actually making a house cosy and not a blanket???????


ok a bit of an exageration but this blanket is growing by astounding amounts.


today it stands at 4 1/2 feet by 4 1/2 feet who knows how big it will be tomorrow.  the quest to find more wool to feed it is relentless.   crochet eats up leftover yarn at an astonishing rate and the hook is always starving for more fiber.

today I will clean the spare bedroom and search under bed for those stray balls of yarn that are hiding there while the ‘monster’ lurches in the corner groaning “feed me”.  wish me luck in finding enough yarn to feed this hulking gaint and pray that the monster doesn’t consume me too.


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