I am obsessed with the hook this month churning out 2 blankets with older stash yarn that has been hidden away in the closet. first there is the godzilla granny – granny has hit epic proportions and now is confined to the spare room. it has been rather hot lately and I can’t work on this blanket with it on my lap anymore so I have been sitting on a chair near the bed and hooking away. unfolded she covers the entire top of the bed and yet I keep stitching – maybe another 6″ of double crochet rounds and I will then call it done.DSC00930

……is this blanket obsession a sign that we are in for another brutilly cold winter?

after all squirrels stash away more nuts in the fall if they think the winter is going to be extremely harsh….maybe my fingers are feeling another cold winter coming. just call me Squirrelly Jo as I hook through my stash.


when you knit socks there are bits and bobs leftover – fun stripy colors that are too precious to throw away(no matter what my husband says)  . so I squirreled away all the small balls of preciousness that I couldn’t bear to throw out and threw them in a drawer hidden but not forgotten. but these little balls of yarny goodness start to build up and migrated to a nearby closet. but lets face it I only have so much closet space and even less drawer space.

DSC00925well inspiration has hit and I am churning out lighter, smaller granny squares for a second blanket.

my hooky madness has no specific patterns or rules(except use up that leftover yarn before I get buried in it). I crocheted a little basket which I load with 10-15 small balls of yarn and a hook. the basket was just an experiment to see if I could follow a pattern(I can sort of)… it does make everything just a little more portable.


sometimes I pick out tones that I think will work together other times its just a random pick without looking first. colors I wouldn’t normally combine sometimes work out beautifully other times I look and it is an ugh. but no matter – I don’t pull it out I just go on to the next ball of yarn.


I have a variety of sizes represented here in my hooky madness. I am not sure of the rules for hooking different sizes together so I am just laying them out and stitching until it looks right. you can see in the center I have stitched hooked together 8 squares just to make sure it will work out. the smallest squares are 1/4 of the size of the medium sized square. the bigger size is maybe a third bigger than the medium


clearing out my stash little by little …. a yard here and 40 yards there….

this winter when the North wind blows you will find me buried under a pile of blankets instead of a stash of yarn balls. and if you can struggle through the snow drifts and pound on the door I will welcome you to sit by the fire and swaddle you in a wooly soft blanket give you a hot toddy and we can watch the snow flakes outside the window.



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