buffet style dyeing

here in the Mid-west we are fond of the all you can eat buffet style dining. long tables filled with all kinds of culinary delights. often at luncheons you will see a couple of roasters with dividers. well these all you can eats can be a little hard on the waist line and since I have given them up and also no longer serve up big family style meals I decided the divided pans would be better suited to high fiber diets. namely yarns. and the soup du jour would be flowers picked in the garden and made into a stew.DSC01260the nesco roaster is easier to regulate the temperature than my open fire at the cabin. and also takes up less space and I don’t make as big a mess with it. I really love how I can heat up dye materials in the nesco and then leave it at a low temp as I work on other things during the day. I am also glad to have a new use for the divided trays. what a great way to get tri-colored yarns.

I had brought home a few frozen flowers from the garden to play with. in the middle is golden marguerite. a beautiful daisy like flower that gives great yellows. to the right is coreopis flowers which yield a whole range of oranges for me. on the left I started with cosmos but the orange was just too close to the orange from the coreopis as you can see below.


I think this yarn is beautiful but we wanted 3 distinct colors. last year I had potted up some fox tail as an accent plant for the containers by the front walk. I noticed that the tails left a stain on the porch when they dropped off so of coarse the tails had to be added to water and experimented with. the crimson tails of the chenille plant gave me a nice medium brown on wool yarn so this spring I decided to grow some more. so my daughter and I picked all the tails off my 2 plants and added them to the cosmos in the roaster.

much better.


so this was our high fiber – low calorie luncheon yesterday. can’t wait to see what it looks like made up into socks.

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