DSC01284I have knit so many socks I could probable knit a sock in my sleep…well not really but I certainly could knit a sock in a dark room while watching a movie.

this morning I was knitting my current sock while walking the dog. in fact I was knitting and chewing gum while walking mutt-pup.


sometimes I even read while knitting…socks are my comfort knitting. they get tucked into my purse when I am running errants. they calm me when my husband is driving to the cabin and the traffic is horrendous.  once socks are started it is just round and round until you hit the toe then a little bit of decreasing and some kitchener and voila a finished sock falls from your needles. there is nothing so nice as a hand knit pair of socks as the weather cools off. and there is nothing so special  as being given a pair of socks as a present….all those little sts on tiny needles and you turned a heel just for me….best present ever.

so what happened to the socks in the picture?

just how did I manage to screw these up?

it could have something to do with the fact that I was watching tv while knitting and my ipad was probable open on my lap.  plus I just got a little too big for my britches thinking I could knit and not pay attention. DSC01289there is no way that I am willing to undo all those sts to fix this heel. these socks are for my son who wears a size 10 shoe – it is a lot of sts to ubdo and reknit. so I put this sock aside until I had some time to think through a fix .

well the fix was easy. first  I threaded a needle with  matching yarn and duplicate stitched along the row of sts before cutting my wayward, goofed up stitch. then I left the yarn and darning needle threaded and ready….cut the misplaced stitch…… picked up the knitting needles and knit my afterthought heel just like I normally would. once the heel was knit and the final 8 sts were kitchenered I picked up the darning needle again and darned a little more above and below my screw up to strengthen the spot.


and unless I point it out to my son he will never know how I screwed up this pair of socks. and even more importantly he will continue to think I am a genius.

now if only I could figure out how this happened in the first place and what knitting Goddess I offended so it doesn’t happen again.DSC01283ps because I never learn my lesson I fixed these socks while watching the Packers beat the Bears and drinking a rum and coke. thank goodness I didn’t attempt this fix the week before when the Lions trounced the Packers … who knows what might have happened.


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