sock blankie

it starts with a couple of chain stitches with yarn leftover from Bud’s socks ………DSC01296

some double crochet sts and suddenly a square is born…………….

DSC01300a few more and suddenly you are over run with grannies


can you tell how I am hooked on this color madness? it is very addictive to sit with my bag of tiny balls of leftovers – turning the throwaways  into something warm and cuddly. so far it is 3 foot by 5 foot and growing.

although I thought some of the leftovers were questionable I can’t find one square that the color-mix clashes. it seems like the more outrageously bright the yarn is the better. really where else are you going to see red, green, purple and orange getting along so well.
I am still enjoying the process but and this is a big BUT…..


BUT …. those dangling ends.  once you get past all the gorgeous colors you start to notice all the hanging threads.  and there are a lot of them hanging about. I should have been crocheting over them as I added each new color but that is part of the learning curve so I am trying different ways of weaving the ends in as I go. so far I don’t have a method I love but I will keep trying out new ways of taking care of the ends as I go.   but there are still a tons of ends on the squares already done that need to be woven in. so the new theory is if I weave in 10 threads each time before  I  make a new square the ends will be taken care of in no time at all.

I really need to finish this soon rather than later…there is snow in the forecast.

SNOW and I am halfway through a pair of socks. I just found a pair of mittens that are done but the matching hat that I started last March still needs to be finished. the sweater I planned in my head exists only in my mind and not on the needles. this morning I needed gloves and a winter coat to stay warm on the morning walk. I just am not ready yet.

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