wip wens.

DSC01405we woke up early yesterday anticipating a special day. there was an eclipse so it was as if nature was celebrating too.  as I watched  the moon and clicked a couple of photos an owl called out before taking off for the woods to slumber. what a wonderful start to the day.DSC01409yesterday I spent a little time just sitting and relaxing on the pier. I am close to being finished with this pair of socks. the pattern is my plain old sock recipe with an old lace pattern inserted to stave off boredom as I knit the cuff.


but my mind wanders so much that even that wasn’t keeping my attention so I began to play with the yo’s and the decreases to see how reversing them alters the pattern and ended up with  a swirly, wavy cuff. 6 more rows and I start the ribbing on the second sock so there is a good chance these will be on my feet tomorrow.  the socks are far from perfect because I am so distracted but no matter they fit and will keep my feet warm.  DSC01388we saw a few snowflakes on Monday morning but nothing is sticking to the ground yet.  the mornings are cold enough that you need a winter jacket and gloves while walking the dog but if the sun is out the afternoon can be pleasant enough to work outside in just a jacket.

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