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wip or work in progressDSC01428my sock drawer. the weather has gotten cool enough that socks are part of the wardrobe lately. 2 pair that I finished have been gifted and a couple more added to the drawer. might have to move to a bigger drawer or give away more.

DSC01424new socks have a sweet tomato heel. one got finished last night and the second is on the needles now. but more about the picture.


this Hummel is the one ‘precious’ I brought home from Mom’s cottage this summer. this Hummel had been in my Mom’s house since I was a little girl. Mom had quite a few Hummels that my Nana had brought back when she went to Europe. there were 4 Hummels that stuck out in my mind. because Nana had picked them out for the 4 oldest kids in our family. (the youngers weren’t left out on purpose they just weren’t born yet) this is the Hummel she picked out for me. I have always loved it and it was the one thing I really wanted from the house. sure there were other things but this one meant so much – like Nana really knew me.

even though I didn’t pick up needles till later some how she knew this little knick-knack was me all wrapped in a ball of yarn.

the other thing I brought home was a  medalion. it was in a box of broken religious artifacts. I lost my religion years ago but I decided to take this anyways. I tell myself it may be Nana Jo’s.  and it could be – it is very old and worn and I know that Nana wore something similar. but that is besides the point –  I wear it everyday because I am a wip. it is a reminder to be patient and to forgive and maybe most important to forget. I am still working on it especially the forgive and forget part. it isn’t easy not to frog and obsess about the past. letting go of angry and bad feelings is hard. I work on it and most of the time I am like the little girl knitting and chirping away but still ….. well lets just say there is a lot beneath the surface.

I am slowly returning to my toys here are a few just waiting for some eyes and noses. I am just loving the sunny orange from the cosmos flowers in my garden. it truly adds the color that is missing outside my window on this cold grey rainy day. DSC01426

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2 Responses to wip wens

  1. Peg says:

    I’m jealous of your sock drawer big sister! I love the photo of the Hummel and saints medal. There was a mini plastic Mary in the same can of bits and pieces and she is now perched by my hallway phone. I’ve been finding when the phone rings I unconsciously pick up Mary and somehow it comforts me. It’s like a connection to the good parts of the past . . .

    • Mary Jo says:

      Peg I have a few socks but you complete more sweaters and shawls than I could ever manage. it seems as I only finish smaller projects.
      my sock drawer is getting way too full though so I am eyeballing the bottom drawer in my nightstand which for some reason is cedar lined and once I finsh knitting up the tiny balls of yarn that live there into my growing granny square blanket I can put my socks in to that drawer.

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