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when I read other blogs fridays are FO days however these days I seem to be more about WIPs so my picture this morning is WIPs again.DSC01451my excuse (if I need an excuse) for having 3 different socks on the needles at a time is that some how I misplaced the finished plain ole sock (variegated blue and gold in the lower corner)…….without the first sock I finished how could I know when to start the sweet tomato heel. I searched high and low. I knew it was in my bag wens. but where it went to I just couldn’t figure  out. so wens. evening I made granny squares all the while muttering under my breath about what happened to the sock. actually I didn’t mind too much because I like making squares. thursday I searched a bit more  because even though I am not wild about the colors the first sock fit so nicely and the wool is thick, warm and soft. besides it just bugs me that in the space of an afternoon I  misplaced that sock.

I couldn’t find the sock anywhere but I did manage to find a Kroy jacquard patterned sock I started last spring and then abandoned to finish hats that were in Mom’s stash. a perfectly good sock but still not exactly what I want to work on.

in the end it seemed like a lot more fun to just start a new sock. with new yarn that I dyed 2 weeks ago.


so I got out some colored pens and modified a chart that I  purchased. not bothering to swatch I just cast on what seemed like an appropriate number of sts and started to knit. after an hour I decided to give up on the first toe. the lighter color isn’t a strong enough contrast to the orange.  so I started a new toe with an undyed white for my second yarn and now I am happy with it. it is a little hard to make out what I am knitting I think but when I have more done you should be able to tell what it is.

of course if I flip it over you probable can guess when you see these sweet little paw prints.DSC01459 so these will be my tv watching project and the Kroy patterned socks will be my walking project.

but wouldn’t you know this morning while stripping the bed and getting laundry out of the closet to wash I found the first plain ole sock of blue and gold ….. only an inch to knit and then I can start the heel. so I think it will be the Kroy sock for the morning walk. and the plain ole sock for the afternoon walk and any errants where I am a passenger in the car. maybe – just maybe by next friday I can show off one or two pair of finished socks.


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