Folded and ready for the sock drawer. image
These are comfy thick socks. They are a plain ole pattern – easy for walking and knitting at the same time.
And these are my new project for walking the dog
Kind of plain until you see the unusual construction
image I started these a long time ago and then they wandered into exile (which is the bins under the bed in the spare room). I have been trying to purge some stash and finish some projects. So I grabbed this half finished, strange sock and settled down to finish it once and for all.
When I was getting ready to travel to Michigan last spring and a knitting group friend asked if I would show her how to knit my night and day socks. She had the cuff done and was about to embark on my weirdo heel and couldn’t wrap her head around it. I showed Patty how to put a waste line in for the heel and she could happily continue on to the toe and I figured I would be back by the time she was ready to try the heels.
When I got back I needed to show her the after thought heel and all I had going was this toe up sock. So I quickly knit a second toe on the sock turning it into something that looks like a maxi pad YEW!!
Maybe a better comparison would be an insole insert for a shoe…….yes that is much better. So I took the insert and met Patty for a knit session. Using the 2 toed insert I cut a stitch and started picking up sts to my needles and then knit the cuff. While she unraveled her afterthought and turned it into a heel.
I like after the fact heels. They are no nonsense and straight forward. I like them because they are knit just like my toes and are mirror images. I like this toe and heel so much that I knit more cuff down socks then toe up socks these days. I like that you can put in a waste yarn line and easily pull it out when you are ready to knit the heel. But it isn’t hard to knit a plain tube sock and then measure a person’s foot and cut the yarn to add the heel.
Now I don’t think a 2 toed sock pattern is going to catch on any time soon but it was a fun experiment. The sock itself is very plain because that is what I needed at the time just plain ole knitting without thinking stockinette giving me plenty of time to think of more important things like taking care of Mom. Knitting on it now is relaxing and I don’t have to think about the pattern which makes it a nice knit and walk the dog project. Also a nice knit and watch tv project.

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