fo on friday

for a change I actually have a finished object on friday. DSC01645last knit I finished knitting the cuff on the second sock and wove in the dangling ends and promptly put them on my feet. brand new – never worn – hand knit socks are the best thing ever. warm and soft and hugging your foot just right – they make even the gray dismal weather we are having cheery.


more cheery-ness is the blanket that I am standing on. ok it isn’t finished but it is cheery and bright and it is so grey and damp outside that we need a little cheery in Okauchee. the blanket is made from all the left over sock yarns cleaned out of my stash. I couldn’t bear to throw it away and it really needed to be cleared out so it is growing into a blanket.

last night after finishing my sock I started ends in. no matter how much time I spend weaving in those dangle-ly ends there are still more to do. DSC01652I wove for an hour and a half while watching tv and there are still hundreds of ends to do. it really is a never ending job. I have started to try to crochet the ends in as I go but every time I sit down and thread my darning needle and work at the ends I never seem to make any headway.

I don’t care though — I love this blanket and I love crocheting the little squares and knowing how beautiful this will look I certainly can weave in those ends.¬†DSC01646and look¬†DSC01654

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  1. Peg says:

    Hey there, This is going to be a great blanket. You’ve inspired me to work on socks a little everyday! Just finished one for Liz last night . . .

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