hunting gear

imageit’s hunting season in Wisconsin so I decided it was time to do something about appropriate headgear for myself. we are outside a lot walking and working in the yard and I wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a deer. so that means orange but I didn’t want an ORANGE hat. ok you know what I mean – the bright orange hats that hunters wear…..the neon eye-searing orange that Walmart sells.

recently I dyed some sport weight with cosmos flowers and got a beautiful orange. but even that was more orange than I thought I could wear on a daily basis or at least through November.

so half the yarn went into one of the walnut pots in my dye shed. I do this a lot – using walnuts to overdye my yarn. I am convinced that my browns are that much richer when I have first dyed it orange or yellow from flowers in my garden. I was thinking a striped hat maybe. that would be fast and simple – orange but not too orange.


as soon as the yarn was dry I was itching to cast on. keeping things simple I cast on in brown and then immediately switched to the orange cosmos yarn and knit a 2 x 2 rib. to tell you the truth the hat would have been perfect just in orange. I love the way the yarn shifts from dark to light shades of orange. it is a rich color that is hard to capture with a picture.

after a nice wide band of ribbing I knit a few rows of brown but stripes just seemed too boring for such wonderful yarn.

digging through pattern books I decided to grab a pattern from B. Walkers Mosaic patterns.


mosaic patterns are fun to knit. and fast because you don’t actually use more than on strand of yarn per row. the pattern is achieved by slipped sts.

I redrew the charts to make it easy to follow and once the hat was big enough I started the decreases. I didn’t chart those out I just winged it and kept to the pattern fudging it here and there. it worked perfectly and my hat has a little star on the top where all the sts come together.


I feel safe to walk in the woods with my bright orange cap.

the colors and the pattern I came up with delight me – can you tell by my smile? 
imageI usually don’t include too many picture of me – I mean who wants to look at an old lady but I think it is a pretty cute hat.

now my next worry is a matching cowl because we had snow over the week end.

good thing I have lots of orange yarn to play with

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