tree rings

through out the month I am going to highlight a few patterns from the Indie gift-a-long which starts on Nov. 13.

sock projects:  are something that live in my purse and go everywhere with me. they are small and tote-able. it is easy to add a row or two as I wait in line at the store. it is really amazing how quickly these rows add up and how quickly I can have a finished pair of socks.

and really….. could anything be better than a sock gift for X-mas? even non-knitters are impressed (or pretend to be impressed) with your talents when they receive a pair of socks. AND as soon as hand knit socks are tried on – the look on the their face is priceless. you know how a brand new springy soft wooly sock fresh off the needles feels – - could there be a better present? suddenly every stitch on those tiny needles are worth it. and the best thing is your sock project lived in your bag and came out to keep you amused while waiting your turn at the doctor or while riding the bus to work. all those wasted moments when you otherwise sit and fret about what isn’t getting done while you are trapped somewhere waiting are turned into lovely warm wool socks.

but it gets even better – sock are great gifts but they are also gifts for me. I get to play with the soft yarn and try out new sts and patterns. it a win-win situation.


I have fallen head over heels in love with this pattern by Star Athena.

Star is participating in the Indie giftalong2014 and Tree Rings is one of her patterns. I love the idea of knitting socks with growth rings topped with just a tiny bit of lace. and the little stripes would just egg me on to finish just one more row. I think this would be a fast project to add to my present list and I can think of a couple of people who would love to receive a pair of these socks.

and what better time to buy a pattern than during the gift along – you get 25% off if you buy between Nov. 13 – Nov. 21. then if you join the group and post on the forums you are eligible to win prizes. the Gal runs until Dec 31, 2014.

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