not a year in review here. I would rather look forward than back. 2014 was a rough one. I found myself wallowing a bit. I was so far down in the dumps it was hard to climb out.

sure I read the suggestions the pamphlets from Hospice that say after a death in the family a person can get swallowed by grief and surprisingly – ¬†anger. I swung back and forth from sad to angry. and I still find myself sad. I think November and December were the worst months for me. I am just happy to finally put the year to rest and move on. the posts I wrote in December and didn’t publish will remain behind the wall and I will continue work on my moods.

this morning we have been watching the eagles. while I cooked breakfast we spotted 5 eagles on the ice in our bay. only one of the birds bore the markings of a mature eagle. It is always thrilling to spot an eagle and 5 of them in one place is thrilling. the lake is nearly frozen today and that is probable the reason we are seeing so many out the front window. just outside our bay is a very deep part of the lake and it is one of the last areas to freeze over.

after breakfast we walked through a field to a pond that we walk around every day. halfway around we spotted 2 immature eagles flying overhead. as we watched them fly past they started playing and coming very close to each other like how adults come together when they mate.

all day there has been a pair of eagles out on the ice watching a flock of ducks that are swimming in the small open area.

I am busy thinking of my next project I finished the granny square blanketimage but still have some leftover sock yarn to use up. I think the scraps will be turned into a cowl or a scarf.

I am half way through a pair of socks for my son. the socks are in time out while I try to figure out the easiest way to fix a too tight heel. I think I just need to face the fact that I will need to frog the sock down to the heel and reknit it because no amount of time out is going to make that ankle bigger than it is.

I finished a pair of socks that Alice and I are working on.image Last year I knit my Day and Night socks and struggled to write the pattern for them. Alice has a full time job and unless I am willing to work on my computer skills there is no way she can help me write. so I switched to a newer computer and learned how to do a couple of new things and did a rewrite. I reknit the sock pattern and made a pdf. And Alice is on her after x-mas vacation(las Vegas) and is test knitting and editing a pair of socks. we will see the results when she arrives in Milwaukee in a couple of days.

the socks are so much fun and easy to knit. they are mosaic – which means that you get the stranded knit look while using only 1 yarn per row. its kind of magic makes one look like a knitting genius. the knitting goes extremely fast ….kind of like knitting stripe you just want to knit one more row to see what the pattern is going to look like.

I also knit this hat in a mosaic pattern. imageevery one that sees mosiac knitting wants to learn to do it. the lys where our knitting group meets would like me to teach a class but I keep telling them I am not a teacher. I did show 2 friends how to knit in this style and they agree that it is very easy to do. I have sketched out a couple of designs I want to knit but right now I just need to find the energy to start.


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