this morning I am grateful to have new boots. it doesn’t sound like much does it but my old boots fell apart while snowblowing on Saturday. I thought there was a lot of life left in the old boots but the rubber portion gave up and rotted out. my hikers are pretty old too and I have been having some problems wearing them so in with the new out with the old.

the walk around the pond was great this morning. it was 10* below 0* and the snow was crunchy. my new boots had nice traction even on the ice and they are a lot lighter than the old boots.image

the lake is completely froze over this morning yesterday I could still see an open spot in the middle where a few ducks were grouped along with 5 eagles nearby watching and waiting. the waiting paid off because later in the day I could see 2 of the eagles enjoying a nice lunch.  today the ice is still and I don’t see any activity. I don’t even hear the ice cracking and growing.

last night I made a few more squares imageeven though I have been looking at different patterns for my leftovers I keep coming back to this one – I guess this pattern still holds a lot of joy for me. maybe its a little monotonous but I enjoy the repetition so I keep coming back to this simple little square. imagejust like the last blanket I am enjoying the wide assortment of colors and putting them together in a way I never would in a garment. orange and purple would be too loud for me to wear. pinks would be too girly and frilly. image

I wouldn’t wear neon yellow– well I won’t say never since my favorite hat right now is the brightest orange I could get out of the dye pot but neon yellow would not be a first choice. some of the yarns in my box are 30 yard samples.  but most are leftover from socks I knit. some were socks made from cheap sale yarn – self striping varieties from Benny’s(before there was a lys nearby). some are pretty garish – it is a good thing socks are hidden when you wear long pants. others are from hand dyed yarns – the lovely ends I squirreled away after finishing up luxurious socks for me and my family. even the smallest amount was saved and hoarded in the closet. 


imagethere are not many rules in my project. the most important one is using all sock weight little balls and getting them out of the hiding places.  I am working with an f size crochet hook.

the second rule is I use the same pattern for each square. but I changed the pattern a bit – it is a series of double and single crochet. and after making a few I found I had to cut out some of the single crochets because my corners were too sloppy and loose.

the third rule is a number rule. this rule is kind of loose and I had to play around a bit to find numbers that worked for me. those numbers are 3, 7, 12, and 15. those numbers represent the number of rounds hooked before putting them together. having different sized squares relieves the tedium of making the same square over and over and over again. it also give choices of how to arrange your squares into something other than a checkerboard.  it is true the patterns do not stand out as much because of the wide assortment of colors but they are there and are pleasing to look at.

the fourth rule is figure out how to crochet in those blasted ends. I swear I will not leave them till the finish this time. I spent hours weaving in ends on my finished blanket only to find more every time I thought I was finished.

the fifth isn’t a rule more of a design thingie. I want to crochet the squares together as I go instead of sewing them together and I will use one color so it ties the whole thing together and looks less like a mish-mashed together whimsie and more liked a planned mess.

there are not many rules to my blanket recipe and the rules that are there can be broken. I mean I could use laceweight doubled if I want. and I did do that in a couple of places in the finished blanket. I also used some handspun in some places. I ran out of my dark brown color for the first blanket and the world didn’t end I just subbed another dark color when I couldn’t buy any more of the brown.


the main rule is to enjoy and relax while turning the stash into something useful.


made this pork roast on New Years. I think Marty and I will be eating leftovers for a while.

pulled pork

1 – 7 to 10 pound pork shoulder or butt

1 c white sugar

1 c + 1 tbs coarse salt

7 tbs dark brown sugar

mix 1 c white sugar and 1 c salt in a large ziplock bag place pork in the bag and then let marinate over night. take pork out of the bag when ready to cook, discard juices and place in a roasting pan in an oven preheated to 300*. cook for about 6 hours(if you remember or have time you can baste with the juices that accumulate in the pan) after 6 hours mix brown sugar and 1 tbs of salt in a small bowl. take roast out of the oven and raise temp to 500* . press the sugar mixture to the top on the pork roast and then replace it in the oven(at this point I take all the salty juices out of the pan). keep an eye on it you don’t want the sugar to burn just to caramelize. take out of the oven and shred up the meat. yummy served as is over bread or rice. can be fried as leftovers with rice, onions and celery. or make quesadillas.

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  1. Pia says:

    Love your squares, and the view too!

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