my little grannie squares are growing. imagethe arrangement is a bit more orderly this time. so far I have only hooked 2 sizes. the mini square has 3 rounds. they hook up lickety-split. imageI can easily hook up 12 in an evening. they use up even the smallest scarp from the bin.

imagethe next size is a medium – roughly double the mini size. I say roughly because I want it to be the same size as 4 minis hooked together. so where you would think I would need to hook a square of 6 rounds I actually hook 7 rounds. it doesn’t  make sense until you look at how I am hooking the squares together. I use a technique called join as you go which adds on a row  or 2  as you join 2 squares together. so when I join 4 minis together they add up to a 8 round square which joins nicely to a 7 round square. if a person wanted to sew or maybe single crochet the squares together than these numbers would change. but google ‘join as you go’  and look at the different ways to join your squares. I liked this method on Attic 24 because it has nice clear pictures to help you figure out the stitches




in the blanket I just finished I made 2 additional sizes – a large granny square of 11 rounds. which was equal to 1 – 7 round square edged by 5 – 3 round square




imageand a grande granny square that was the size of 4 medium squares or 16 mini squares. the grande was a total of 15 rounds of crochet.



I am still working out of left overs that I have saved and using whole skeins of darker shades to join the squares.  the current joining yarn is a easter egg dye flop. I took white sock yarn and dyed it in a crock pot using easter egg dye kits that I bought on discount after easter had come and gone. the color on one of the skeins turned out horrendous so I threw this dye failure into the vat of fermented walnut husks I keep in the shed. it toned down the garish colors and now it ranges from a burgundy/brown color to a dark green. but luckily this project uses up all the garish colors from the stash with out looking terrible. I have only a tiny bit left so I will hunt up a new dark yarn.

right now my leftover sock blanket has reached almost reached the size of a scarf.imageso I bundled it around my neck and fastened with a pin to brave the cold morning walk. as it grows I see it becoming a shawl to wrap around my shoulders and then maybe a lap blanket before it finally claims its place as a full sized blanket for our bed.


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