you know what is great about knitting?

do-overs. usually people tell you no do-overs.

look at the Packer game last night – how many people would love to have a do-over for that game.

I started watching the game with low expectations. after all our quarterback has been playing with an injury for several weeks now. and I thought the Sea Hawks were a good team. but watching the game I got my hopes up.  the playing was mediocre. don’t get me wrong the Sea Hawks are a good team just not the best.  the Packers played better than the SeaHawks for most of the game but at that decisive moment in the last minutes of the game Seattle did everything right and they won.

and Wisconsin fans wished they could have a do-over.

well you can’t have a do-over. what is done is done. that is life.

unless you are a knitter. we have do-overs. ok I am not going to leap with joy and say it’s fun to scrap hours of work but my knitting is never a catastrophe. there is always the option of a do-over. right now my yarn looks like ramen noodles and I am working on my third try.


thank god for knitting and do-overs.



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